WIN INJURY LAW Website Comprehensives

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- No hover state
- When user hovers on a upper box it flips to reveal clickable links to interior pages.
- Dim or darken effect for the on-hover state
- Lawbooks background
- Hover shown with all items flipped.
- NOTE: Although only one box will hover-flip at a time to display the links. Example: Hover 1 then it flips; mouse-off then the flip will revert to previous state.
Our Firm
- Lawbooks background
- All 'administration class pages' will use the law books background.
Auto Law
- Attorney at desk background and is used for all 'Law-Services-Article-Resources class pages' found in upper boxed links.
- Justice scales background. Only the Winjury Blog pages will use the 'Justice Scales' background.

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