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Global notes
Click on Questions goes to FAQ page
If a 'Next Step' does not happen auotmatically due to computer, browser, server or connection; user may use NEXT tab.
Quick Quote #1
Choose Home type and Zipcode Validation - Display appropriate message if no n-Richmond Zipcode.
Quick Quote #2
Choose 'Split System' displays 'Location drop-down'
-- Attic
-- Closet/Garage
-- Crawlspace
Choose 'Package System' no drop down... goes directly to HEAT SOURCE.
Choose 'Furnace' goes to Gas Furance.
Quick Quote #3
Choose Electric/Heat Pump 'or' Gas Furnace jump to UNIT TONNAGE/ SIZE
Quick Quote #4
See next screen for drop-down.
Quick Quote #4
TONNAGE drop-down.
Result for BEST, BETTER and GOOD
(We could hide BETTER and GOOD, so user has to click to expand page and see those results) -OR- show all.

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